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The Fremennik Isles quest in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a sequel to the Fremennik Trials and takes players on an adventurous journey to the islands of Jatizso and Neitiznot. The quest involves navigating political intrigue between the two islands, engaging in espionage, and preparing for a climactic battle against a formidable troll king. Players are tasked with various activities including gathering resources, spying, crafting specific gear, and ultimately leading a charge into battle. The quest is rich in story, offering insights into the culture and challenges of the Fremennik people and their neighboring islands.

Table of Contents

Fremennik Isles Quest Requirements

  1. Skill Requirements:
    • Level 20 Construction: This is needed for certain quest activities, including bridge repairs.
    • Level 40 Agility: Required for navigating the islands and their challenges. Agility levels can be boosted if necessary.
    • Combat Level: A sufficiently high combat level is recommended to defeat the level 122 troll king, who attacks with all three combat styles and has high defense against magic and ranged attacks.
  2. Prayer Level:
    • A high enough prayer level to use Protect from Magic, Protect from Missiles, and Protect from Melee is strongly recommended for the battle segments of the quest.
  3. Ironman Specific Requirements:
    • Level 56 Woodcutting: Necessary for gathering resources to craft certain items.
    • Level 46 Crafting: Required for making yak-hide armor.
  4. Quests:
    • The Fremennik Trials: Must be completed prior to starting The Fremennik Isles quest.
  5. Items:
    • The quest involves various items, including ropes, a knife, ores (coal or mithril depending on the player’s mining level), a raw tuna, and specific gear for the final battle (yak-hide armor and Fremennik round shield). Ironmen have additional requirements for crafting these items themselves, while other players can purchase them from the Grand Exchange.
  6. Access to Jatizso and Neitiznot:
    • Players will need a way to travel between the islands and Rellekka, the quest’s starting point. This includes various teleportation methods or the use of boats facilitated by NPCs encountered during the quest.


Required Skills and Levels

  • Construction: Level 20 is needed to perform specific tasks within the quest.
  • Agility: Level 40 is required for navigating the terrain and completing agility-related challenges.
  • Combat: A high combat level is recommended to defeat the Level 122 Troll King. The quest guide suggests ensuring the player is well-prepared for a fight involving all three combat styles.

Necessary Quests

  • The Fremennik Trials: Completion of this quest is a prerequisite. It introduces players to the Fremennik culture and sets the stage for the events in The Fremennik Isles.

Recommended Items and Gear

For Combat
  • Armor and Weapons: Players are advised to bring the best combat gear they have access to. The guide specifically mentions rune armor for its balanced defense against the troll king’s ranged and melee attacks. An amulet of glory is recommended for its bonuses, along with a ring of life as a safety precaution.
  • Prayer Potions: Several prayer potions are suggested due to the lack of nearby altars and the necessity of using prayer throughout the combat sections of the quest.
  • Food: A substantial amount of food is recommended to heal from the troll attacks. The type of food should be based on the player’s hitpoints level.
  • Potions: Attack, strength, and defense potions can provide an advantage in combat, especially during the boss fight.
For Crafting
  • For Yak-Hide Armor: Players need a needle, thread, and yak hides. Ironman players, or those choosing to craft the armor themselves, must kill yaks on Neitiznot for their hides. The guide specifies needing 46 Crafting to make the armor.
  • For Fremennik Round Shield: This requires 56 Woodcutting to gather Arctic pine logs, which are then crafted into the shield. A hammer, some nails, and a rope are also necessary for the crafting process.

Starting the Quest

Location and NPC to Begin

  • Location: The quest begins in Rellekka, specifically at the northernmost dock of the town. This is the starting point for many Fremennik adventures, and it serves as the gateway to the Isles.
  • NPC to Begin: Players should look for an NPC named Mord Gunnars. He is the ferryman who will transport the player to the first of the two islands, Jatizso. Mord plays a crucial role in navigating between the islands and Rellekka throughout the quest.

Ferrying to Jatizso

  • Process: After initiating the quest by talking to Mord Gunnars, players will be ferried to Jatizso. This is the first step in the quest’s journey, setting the stage for the unfolding adventure.
  • Arrival: Upon arriving in Jatizso, players will find themselves on a new island with its own culture, challenges, and political intrigue. The immediate task is to navigate through the island to its leadership, setting into motion the quest’s narrative involving the kings of Jatizso and Neitiznot.

Jatizso: The First Island

Meeting King Gjuki Sorvott IV

  • Upon arrival at Jatizso, players are directed to meet with King Gjuki Sorvott IV, who resides in a prominently located building distinguishable by its checkerboard-patterned floor. The king is central to the quest’s narrative on Jatizso, presenting the initial tasks that players must undertake.

The Royal Cat and The Tuna

  • One of the first tasks involves catering to the whims of the king’s royal cat. Players are required to feed the cat a raw tuna to gain the king’s favor and proceed with the quest. This task underscores the quirky and unpredictable nature of the Fremennik Isles’ quests.

Collecting Taxes and Gathering Resources

Ore Collection
  • Early in the Jatizso segment, players are tasked with gathering ores as part of a resource collection effort for the king. Depending on the player’s mining level, this could involve collecting tin ore, coal, or mithril ore. This task highlights the resource-dependent relationship between the islands and their rulers.
Window Tax
  • The king, seeking to raise funds under dubious pretenses, imposes a window tax on the inhabitants of Jatizso. Players are appointed as tax collectors, tasked with visiting various NPC homes to collect taxes based on the number of windows in each dwelling. This peculiar tax serves to illustrate the king’s desperate and somewhat comedic attempts to raise funds.
Beard Tax
  • Following the window tax, a beard tax is imposed, further showcasing the king’s eccentric methods of governance. Players must collect an additional tax from male NPCs based on their facial hair, adding another layer of humor and absurdity to the quest’s tasks on Jatizso.

Neitiznot: The Second Island

Infiltrating as a Jester

Upon the player’s arrival on Neitiznot, a unique and cunning plan is set into motion to gather vital intelligence from the island’s ruler, Mawnis Burowgar. This segment of the quest requires the player to don a jester outfit, assuming the guise of a court jester. This task is not merely for amusem*nt; it serves as a strategic ploy to infiltrate the ruler’s inner circle discreetly. The player must interact with Slug Hemligssen, who provides the jester outfit and instructs the player on the password needed to initiate the espionage.

The infiltration process involves a series of performances in front of Mawnis Burowgar. Each performance is a test of the player’s attentiveness and ability to mimic commands through the jester interface. This interface presents options for dancing, juggling, and making gestures, each corresponding to the ruler’s requests. The challenge lies in accurately following the commands, as the success of the mission hinges on the player’s performance. Through these actions, the player overhears crucial information about the impending troll attack, gathering intelligence that is pivotal for the defense of Neitiznot.

Gathering Information

The gathering of information through jesting is a critical phase of the quest, requiring precision and acute observation from the player. As the player entertains Mawnis Burowgar, snippets of conversation about the troll threat and the island’s defense strategies are overheard. This segment underscores the quest’s emphasis on indirect methods of warfare, showcasing that strength in RuneScape is not solely measured by combat prowess but also by cunning and strategy.

Bridge Repairs

Gathering Materials

Preparation for the looming battle against the trolls involves a practical and hands-on task: bridge repairs. The player is tasked with collecting essential materials to fortify the bridges connecting Neitiznot to the trolls’ territory. This requires the acquisition of ropes and Arctic pine logs, materials chosen for their durability and suitability for the harsh Arctic environment. For players who choose to gather these materials themselves, the quest introduces elements of woodcutting and crafting, as Arctic pine logs must be split using a woodcutting stump, symbolizing the player’s direct contribution to the island’s defense efforts.

Repairing the Bridges

With materials in hand, the player embarks on the critical task of repairing the bridges. This task is fraught with danger, as the bridges are located near troll territories, exposing the player to potential attacks. The act of repairing the bridges is depicted as a race against time, underscored by the imminent troll threat. Successful repairs are not just a testament to the player’s skill but also a significant contribution to Neitiznot’s defensive strategy. This segment of the quest highlights the communal spirit of Neitiznot, where every action, no matter how small, contributes to the greater good of the island’s inhabitants.

Preparation for Battle

Crafting Yak-Hide Armor

To prepare for the final confrontation with the trolls, crafting yak-hide armor is an essential task that players must undertake. This process involves several steps, beginning with the acquisition of yak hides. Players need to venture into the yak pen on Neitiznot, where they can either kill yaks to obtain three yak hides or pick up hides if others have left any behind. This task emphasizes the importance of resourcefulness and the ability to procure necessary materials directly from the environment.

Once the yak hides have been obtained, the next step is to cure them. This process requires the player to speak with Thakkrad Sigmundson, who can cure the hides for a fee. With cured yak hides in hand, players must then use a needle and thread to craft the yak-hide armor pieces, specifically the top and legs. This crafting process not only prepares players for battle but also immerses them in the Fremennik culture, as yak-hide armor is a traditional garment for the inhabitants of Neitiznot.

Crafting Fremennik Round Shield

In addition to the yak-hide armor, crafting a Fremennik round shield is another critical preparation step. This task requires players to gather Arctic pine logs, which can be obtained by felling Arctic pines found on Neitiznot. With logs in hand, players then use a woodcutting stump within the town to split the logs into pieces suitable for shield crafting.

The actual crafting of the Fremennik round shield involves using a hammer, a few bronze nails, and a rope on the split Arctic pine logs. This process not only yields a sturdy shield but also further connects players to the Fremennik way of life, emphasizing the importance of self-sufficiency and craftsmanship in the face of impending danger.

Assembling Combat Gear

With the yak-hide armor and Fremennik round shield crafted, players must then assemble the rest of their combat gear in preparation for the battle ahead. This preparation involves equipping the best possible combat equipment available to the player, considering the unique challenges posed by the troll king and his minions.

The Final Battle

The culmination of “The Fremennik Isles” quest in Old School RuneScape involves a significant preparation and a challenging series of battles that test the player’s combat skills, strategic planning, and resilience. Here’s a detailed breakdown based on the video guides:

Leading the Charge

  • After preparing for battle by crafting Yak-Hide Armor and a Fremennik Round Shield and assembling combat gear, players are tasked with leading the charge against the trolls. This phase emphasizes the player’s role as a pivotal figure in the defense of Neitiznot, having been formally appointed as the champion of the island by Mawnis Burowgar.
  • Players must navigate through troll-infested territories to reach the battle site. This journey involves strategic movement and possibly using protection prayers to mitigate damage from aggressive trolls.

Defeating the Trolls

  • Before engaging the Troll King, players must first defeat ten trolls in the instanced area. This requirement serves as a preliminary test of the player’s combat capabilities and readiness for the final showdown.
  • The trolls vary in combat styles, with some attacking with melee and others with ranged attacks. Players are advised to use the appropriate protection prayers based on the attack styles of the trolls they are facing.
  • Bork Sigmundson, located near the cave’s entrance, provides support by offering food, strength potions, and prayer potions if needed. This assistance underscores the communal effort in battling the troll threat.

The Troll King Boss Fight

  • The boss fight against the Troll King is the quest’s climax, presenting a formidable challenge. The Troll King employs all three combat styles, making him a versatile and dangerous opponent. His high defense against magic and ranged attacks necessitates a melee approach for most players.
  • Players are recommended to wear the crafted Yak-Hide Armor and Fremennik Round Shield for their special protection against troll attacks, which significantly reduces the accuracy and damage of the Troll King’s assaults.
  • The battle strategy involves maintaining the Protect from Magic prayer to mitigate the Troll King’s potent magic attacks, which are similar to the ice barrage spell in their ability to freeze players.
  • Effective use of food, prayer potions, and combat potions is crucial for sustaining the player’s health and prayer points throughout the fight. The player’s agility in managing resources, switching prayers, and timing attacks plays a significant role in determining the outcome of the battle.
  • Upon defeating the Troll King, players are presented with the dramatic option to decapitate him, marking a victorious end to the quest’s final battle.

Following the defeat of the Troll King, players must return to Neitiznot to complete the quest. This return journey can involve navigating back through troll territories or using a teleport for a swift departure from the battle site. The choice depends on the player’s remaining resources and their preference for either engaging in further combat or opting for a quick and safe return.

Completing the Quest: The Fremennik Isles

Returning to Neitiznot

After the climactic battle against the Troll King, players must return to Neitiznot to report their success. This return can be achieved through various means, including teleportation or traversing back through the troll territories. The choice of method depends on the player’s remaining resources and their preference for quick return versus engaging in additional combat encounters.

Rewards and Benefits

Upon completion of the quest, players are rewarded generously for their efforts in defending Neitiznot and contributing to the Fremennik cause. The rewards include:

  • Two Quest Points: Essential for players tracking their quest completion progress and accessing quest-based content.
  • Access to Neitiznot and Jatizso Resources: Players gain access to new areas and resources on both islands, which can be crucial for various in-game activities such as crafting, combat, and more.
  • Ability to Create and Equip the Neitiznot Faceguard: This reward allows players to craft and wear a powerful piece of headgear, offering significant combat advantages.
  • Experience Points in Various Skills: Players receive experience points in skills such as Slayer, Crafting, and others, facilitating their character’s growth and development.

Additional Information

  • Fremennik Honorific: Players are awarded a Fremennik honorific, signifying their esteemed status within the Fremennik society.
  • Combat Preparations and Strategy: The quest emphasizes the importance of combat readiness, showcasing the need for appropriate gear, strategic planning, and skillful execution in battles.

Access to Jatizso and Neitiznot Resources

The completion of “The Fremennik Isles” quest unlocks access to various resources on both islands. This access includes but is not limited to rare materials, unique crafting components, and strategic locations for combat training or resource gathering. Players are encouraged to explore these islands further to discover all available benefits and resources.

Post-Quest Activities

Following the quest’s completion, a range of post-quest activities becomes available. These activities might involve exploring new areas unlocked by the quest, engaging in additional combat challenges, or utilizing the islands’ resources for crafting or other purposes. Players can also pursue other quests that may have been unlocked or made easier by the completion of “The Fremennik Isles.”

Completing “The Fremennik Isles” quest not only rewards players with valuable items and experience but also deepens their engagement with the rich lore and challenging adventures that RuneScape has to offer. The quest’s conclusion marks the beginning of new opportunities for exploration, combat, and character development within the game’s expansive world.

How to get to Fremennik Isles (OSRS)

To get to the Fremennik Isles in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), players need to start the quest by speaking to Mord Gunnars on the northernmost dock of Rellekka. Mord will ferry the player to Jatizso, one of the two main islands of the Fremennik Isles. The quest initiation involves interacting with NPCs and completing specific tasks that eventually lead to the exploration of both Jatizso and Neitiznot. Access to these islands is primarily quest-based, and completion of “The Fremennik Trials” quest is a prerequisite.

Can you do Fremennik Isles without 56 woodcutting?

Completing “The Fremennik Isles” without meeting the 56 woodcutting requirement directly is possible if players choose to buy the necessary items (Arctic pine logs or a Fremennik round shield) from other players or the Grand Exchange, where applicable in OSRS. However, Ironman accounts would need to meet the requirement or use any allowable boosts to gather materials independently, as they cannot trade with other players. The scripts imply that preparation and gathering of specific materials are part of the quest’s challenges, highlighting the importance of meeting or finding alternatives within the game’s rules to skill requirements.

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The Fremennik Isles: A Complete OSRS Quest Guide - Firey Veins (2024)


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