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Quest Requirements:

The Fremennik Trials

Skill/Other Requirements:

20 Construction
40 Agility
46 Crafting
56 Woodcutting (Unless you have purchased Split Logs)
The ability to defeat a level 122 troll.
Be able to survive attacks by lots of trolls with rocks in a multicombat area.

Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:


Items Needed at Quest Start:

Pickaxe, Harpoon, Woodcutting axe, Knife, Hammer, and Bronze nails.

Items Needed to Complete Quest:

Raw tuna, Needle, 2 Threads, Ores (8 Tin, 7 Coal, or 6 Mithril), and 9 Ropes (obtainable during quest).

Note: The ores you will be assigned will be based on your Mining level; Tin if Mining level 1-27, Coal if 28-54, and Mithril if 55+.

Items Recommended for Quest:

Camelot Teleport (tablet), Prayer potions, Food, a good melee weapon, and a Catspeak amulet is optional for Step 4.

Items Acquired During Quest:

Silly jester hat, Silly jester top, Silly jester tights, Silly jester boots, 10 Arctic pine logs, 8 Split logs, Empty tax bag, Light tax bag, Normal tax bag, Hefty tax bag, Royal decree, 3 Yak-hides, 3 Cured yak-hides, Yak-hide armour (top), Yak-hide armour (bottom), Fremennik round shield, and a Decapitated head.

Quest Points:



14K coins, 10K XP in any 2 Combat skills (Attack, Strength, Defence, or Hitpoints), 5K Crafting XP, 5k Construction XP, 10k Woodcutting XP, Fremennik royal helm, and access to a runite vein.

Start Point:

Jetty in north Rellekka.

To Start:

Speak to Mord Gunnars.


  1. Speak to Mord Gunnars north of Rellekka and ask him about Jatizso's history. He will tell you about a king and two of his sons that ruled long ago. Ask him to ferry you to Jatizso.

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  2. Once there, head north to the gate. Open the door and walk in. West of the bank you will find King Gjuki Sorvott IV. Talk to him and he will ask you to get some Raw tuna for his cat. If you don't have some already, go back to the docks and fish some with your harpoon (Requires 35 Fishing) or purchase from other players. Take it back to the king and he will proceed with his conversation.

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  3. The Red Axe miners have arrived in the middle of the King's story. His miners do not have enough time to collect 6 mithril ore (or 7 coal if you don't have over 55 mining), so you need to get it for them. If you don't have some with you, go northwest and climb down into the hole. Two rocks are east and three more are north.

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  4. Take the ore back to the King and he will give you 5K coins (or 2K if you collected coal). He will then want you to go to Neitiznot and look for his Spymaster. Pick up the jester's costume from the chest behind the throne and head back to the docks.

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  5. Talk to Mord Gunnars to go back to Rellekka, then talk to Maria Gunnars to go to Neitiznot. Head up the path to the city and proceed in.
  6. You will find Slug Hemligssen north of the bank. Ask him for "free stuff please" and he will tell you to infiltrate the Burgher's quarters.

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  7. Go South of the bank and talk to Mawnis. Make sure your hands are empty. Now you have to listen to what Mawnis says and complete it. Make sure you pay attention to what the guards say.

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  8. Head back to the Spymaster and talk to him. He will ask you some questions. The correct answers are: in 2 days, 17 militia, and 2 bridges. He will then pay you 2.5k coins for your efforts.
  9. Talk to Mawnis again while wearing the jester costume to gain his trust. Then take off your jester costume and put your normal one on. Talk to Mawnis again and he will ask you to bring him 8 pieces of rope. If you do not have them, you can make it by killing a yak and then spinning the yak hair on a spinning wheel.
  10. Talk to Mawnis again after you have the 8 pieces of rope. You will be rewarded 1k coins for them. He will then ask you to chop down and split 8 arctic pine logs. Head north and cut 8, then go to the center of town and split them on the woodcutting stump.

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  11. Take the split pines back to Mawnis. He will reward you with 1.5k coins. Now go get your rope, split pines, and your knife and head north to the broken bridges. Right click them and select the repair option to fix them. Once finished, head back to Mawnis.

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  12. Talk to Mawnis and he will give you 1.5k coins and then will tell you about his plans. They want to assault the troll caves. Mawnis will ask you to find out if the King has heard of his plans. Sail back to Rellekka and then to Jatizso, and talk to the King.
  13. The king wants you to collect taxes from people in the city. Go to each shopkeeper and collect their money. For each window, they must pay 1k coins. Keepa Kettilon must pay 5k, Skuli Myrka must pay 6k, Vanligga Gastfrihet must pay 5k, and Raum Urda-Stein must pay 8k. After you collect all the taxes talk the king. He will now ask you to collect taxes from people with beards. Keepa Kettilon, Hring Hring, Flosi Dalksson, Skuli Myrka, and Raum Urda-Stein all have beards.

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  14. Once all the taxes have been collected, the king will ask you to go back to Neitiznot to find out who was helping to repair the bridges. Talk to the spymaster and he will tell you to spy on Mawnis again. Wear the jester costume, free both hands, and then talk to Mawnis. Once finished, go to the spymaster and tell him these answers: Etceteria, potions, and I am helping Neitiznot. The spy will then pay you 2.5k coins.

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  15. Report back to the King and tell him of this. He will lock the doors and then you will start to insult him. The king will decide that Neitiznot is trying to steal all the glory of killing the trolls and will have you take a decree back to Mawnis on Neitiznot telling him that Jatizso is going to attack the trolls.
  16. Deliver the decree to Mawnis and he will tell you that you must create the proper equipment to fight the trolls. Obtain 3 yak hides and talk to Thakkrad Sigmundson to get them cured. Then buy a needle and thread from Jofridr Mordstatter. Use the needle on the hides to craft the top and bottom of the armor. Speak to Mawnis to learn about the last item you must craft.

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  17. Mawnis will tell you to make a shield. Cut two Arctic pines and then go to the stump in the middle of the town. Craft the shield using bronze nails, a rope, and a hammer.
  18. Talk to Mawnis again and he will appoint you champion of Neitiznot. Once you have stocked up on food and supplies, head to the cave to fight the troll king. Head as far north as possible. Then head east until you see the dungeon marker on the mini-map. You may want to wear the armour and the shield made during the quest as the armour highly reduces the damage done by the trolls. Protect from melee is also highly recommended.

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  19. Once you enter the cave you will see a cut scene. You must kill 10 trolls to face the king. You can request supplies from Bork such as tuna, 4 strength potions, and 2 prayer potions. Use them whenever you need to. Try to only fight one of the trolls at a time, and use protection prayers so you are not damaged. Once you have killed 10, head South and jump over the bridge.

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  20. The Troll King is level 122. Use the protect from range prayer as you fight him. He will sometimes use ice barrage and freeze you so be careful. You CAN NOT use range to fight the boss, he will be unaffected! After the battle is over, decapitate his head, then jump over the eastern bridge.

    Note: As the fight takes place in an instanced room, hence you will lose your items in case you are killed and won't be able to retrieve them. Therefore, make sure that, if you are low on health, it is advised that you teleport out of the cave instead of crossing the bridge to the east because you will have to dodge more Ice trolls.

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  21. Follow the path and climb up the stone ladder. When you go up the stone ladder there will be Ice trolls that attack you! Return to the city by going south. Talk to Mawnis and he will give you his helm.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

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Note: The Helm of neitiznot requires level 55 Defence to wear.

Helm of neitiznot
Pic Attack Bonuses Defence Bonuses Other Bonuses
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Strength Prayer
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