Job opportunity at Culver Academies - Chief Advancement Officer (2024)

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Aspen Leadership Group is proud to partner with Culver Academies in the search for a Chief Advancement Officer.

Reporting to the Head of Schools, the Chief Advancement Officer will provide innovative vision and strategic leadership to further the advancement program of Culver Academies. The Chief Advancement Officer will establish priorities, objectives, and best practices for a comprehensive program that amplifies and elevates Culver’s culture of philanthropy. The Chief Advancement Officer will lead and manage all fundraising and advancement programs including advancement data infrastructure operations, marketing and communications, major and planned giving, annual fund, alumni and parent engagement, and donor stewardship.

Culver Academies is a values-based, mission-driven, vision-inspired institution that offers a co-educational, residential experience beyond that of the typical boarding school for more than 800 students in grades nine through 12. Located on the north shore of Lake Maxinkuckee, Culver Academies encompasses 1,800 acres of green hills and pristine woodlands. The Collegiate Gothic architecture that defines the campus includes world-class educational and athletic facilities that evoke an Ivy League university rather than a high school. Comprised of three entities—Culver Military Academy, Culver Girls Academy, and Culver Summer Schools and Camps—Culver Academies educates its students for leadership and responsible citizenship in society by developing and nurturing the whole individual, mind, spirit, and body, through integrated programs that emphasize the cultivation of character.

Culver Academies provides the best whole-person education in the world. Whether in the classroom, on the athletic field, or in residential life, Culver students are preparing to become contributing leaders of society. Culver Academies’ commitment to fostering belonging and community is reflected in its students, faculty, and staff. Culver’s core values are forged in bronze in the middle of campus: Duty, Honor, Truth, and Service. These values, along with the Cardinal Virtues of Wisdom, Courage, Moderation, and Justice, are quite literally the foundation of Culver and are intentionally lived and taught via the student life structure, in the classroom, and on the athletic fields. Students learn of their duty to themselves, their units, and dorms, and to their school.

Culver believes that everyone should think for themselves. To that end, Culver does not merely hand students the answers, but rather gives them a deep understanding of every topic and its impact on the world. The rigorous exploration demanded by this pursuit of academic truth feeds into the holistic approach of a character-building Culver education, giving young people the critical thinking skills they need to foster the ability to distinguish the wise from the unwise and the courage and strength to act on those perceptions.

Culver’s holistic approach does not stop at the classroom door, nor is it limited to the barracks or dorm. The Culver mission commands that students’ mind, spirit, and body are developed. Spirit is intentionally placed in the center, recognizing the balance needed in life. Students have a duty to themselves to fulfill their commitments, but also understand the impact of making those commitments can have. Students are also taught the skills to understand and meet their mental, social, moral, spiritual, and physical needs. By teaching them to explore spirituality and morality, Culver students come to learn they have a place in the world, and, more importantly, that what they do matters to others, and that they themselves matter to others—in their unit, in their dorm, and within the greater Culver community. When they leave Culver, students can navigate the greater global community and make their way in it confidently and maturely.

Culver believes that in a diverse community, people overcome their natural inclination to adhere solely to what they know. Culver students live, work, and play in an atmosphere that is naturally diverse. The broad, global perspectives that students, faculty, and staff from other countries, cultures, and backgrounds bring to academic and residential life only serve to ensure students have a wealth of information to draw on when analyzing and making a decision, and to understand the impact of those decisions on the greater community. Within a residential community where every student plays a key role in the success of that community, the respect for other cultures and traditions is built up, strengthening the experience for everyone.

Culver Academies will consider candidates with a broad range of backgrounds. It seeks a strong leader and excellent communicator with deep experience in major and principal giving, and annual giving as well as an ability to establish advancement infrastructure, organizationally as well as technically, through data management systems, to realize operational potential and excellence. A bachelor's degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience and at least eight years of cumulative advancement experience, including leadership and management experience, in an independent school or small liberal arts college setting, is preferred. All applications must be accompanied by a cover letter and résumé. Cover letters should be responsive to the mission of Culver Academies as well as the responsibilities and qualifications presented in the prospectus.

The salary range for this position is $200,000 to $225,000 annually.

TOTAL REWARDS: Culver offers much to complement your pay. Our health benefits include medical (Health Savings Account available), dental, and vision insurance options offered at extremely affordable rates and one of our most valued offerings is our FREE on-site Health Clinic including various FREE generic medications. Financial planning benefits include Life Insurance and a 403b retirement account with a very generous company match. At Culver we seek to support your whole self –mind, spirit, and body, which is why you have access to our on-site Fitness Center, impressive personal time off with 10 paid holidays, 200 hours of paid vacation time, and professional development opportunities to support excellence in your craft. Culver also offers FREE meals in the dining hall, limited laundry and dry-cleaning services and a discount at the Campus Store and Uniform Shop. A strong Tuition Remission Program and scholarship opportunities are available for your eligible children attending both schools and camps.

Culver Academies is an equal opportunity at will employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of age, race, religion, color, disability, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, pregnancy, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local laws.

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Job opportunity at Culver Academies - Chief Advancement Officer (2024)


What does a chief advancement officer do? ›

Collaborating with the CEO, CFO, and Chair of the Development Committee, identify and refine giving priorities and translate those priorities into compelling opportunities for philanthropy and persuasive proposals. Set and implement annual fundraising goals and manage revenue and expense budgets.

What does a college advancement officer do? ›

The primary function of the Advancement officer will be event planning, aiding in and tracking fund raising efforts and supporting the enrollment efforts of the school. The position will report to the Director of Advancement.

What level is a chief officer? ›

Chief officer positions, also called C-level or C-suite positions, are senior executive roles in an organization. These positions are at the top of a company's hierarchy. Professionals in these roles make important business decisions related to a company's growth and success.

What is the career path of a chief development officer? ›

A chief development officer can pursue various career paths, including becoming a chief executive officer, president & chief operating officer, managing director, or even a chairman of the board of directors. They can also transition to an executive vice president, a deputy director, or a chief of staff.

What is the job description of advancement services? ›

The Advancement Services Specialist is responsible for managing and coordinating the daily gift deposits, analysis and processing of weekly gift batches in the University's Banner database system. The specialist will create, maintain and enhance the relationships between donors, alumni and the University.

What's the difference between development and advancement? ›

Career advancement is typically driven by factors such as job performance, reputation, networking, and leadership skills (DeRue et al., 2011). On the other hand, skill development refers to acquiring new skills or improving existing ones which are relevant to your current or future desired job.

What does a VP of university advancement do? ›

The Vice President for University Advancement is the chief advancement officer for the University and advises the President on all matters pertaining to the management and operation of university development, alumni relations, as well as community and donor relations.

What is a Cao role? ›

A Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) oversees daily administrative operations, provides input for business planning, sets goals, collaborates with colleagues, and ensures smooth business operations.

What are the roles and responsibilities of chief experience officer? ›

CXOs oversee the customer lifecycle, designing and delivering positive experiences. Typically, they are also in charge of increasing customer and employee understanding, prioritizing the customer's viewpoint in decision-making processes and keeping track of key performance indicators.

What does advancement mean in fundraising? ›

A. Advancement: Advancement is a discipline within education similar to development and fundraising. It encompasses alumni relations, communications, development, marketing and is an integrated method of managing relationships to encourage philanthropy.

What are the responsibilities of chief growth officer? ›

The CGO is responsible for a variety of key tasks, including: Developing and implementing a comprehensive growth strategy. Identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, including partnerships, acquisitions, and market expansion. Managing and motivating the team responsible for growth initiatives.


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