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Quest Requirements:

Fremennik Trials, The

Skill/Other Requirements:

20 Construction
40 Agility
46 Crafting
56 Woodcutting
Ability to defeat a level 91 troll and survive being attacked by lots of aggressive trolls with rocks in a multicombat area.

Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:

Glorious Memories

Items Needed at Quest Start:

Raw tuna, 9 Ropes, Hatchet (any kind), Knife, Needle, Thread, Hammer, Bronze nail, Ores*, Armor, and a Weapon.

* Depends on your Mining level; 6 Mithril ores (If Mining level is 55 or above), or 7 Coal (between 11-54), or 8 Tin ores (between 1-10).

Items Needed to Complete Quest:


Items Recommended for Quest:

Food, Prayer potions (4), Catspeak amulet, and a one-click teleport method.

Items Acquired During Quest:

Silly jester hat, Silly jester top, Silly jester tights, Silly jester boots, 10 Arctic pine logs, 8 Split logs, Empty tax bag, Light tax bag, Normal tax bag, Hefty tax bag, Royal decree, 3 Yak-hides, 3 Cured yak-hides, Yak-hide armour (top), Yak-hide armour (bottom), Fremennik round shield, and a Decapitated head.

Quest Points:



14K Coins, Helm of neitiznot, 5K Crafting XP, 5K Construction XP, 10K Woodcutting XP, 10K XP in 2 combat skills (Attack, Constitution, Defence, or Strength), access to Jatizso and Neitiznot, access to a runite vein, ability to make Yak-hide armour, ability to make Ropes, ability to make Fremennik round shields, the ability to make Split logs, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.

Start Point:

Most northern dock in Rellekka.

To Start:

Speak to Mord Gunnars.


  1. Make your way to Rellekka and speak with Mord Gunnars at the most northern dock. He will tell you the king of Jatizso has requested you for an important task. Now, ask him to ferry you to Jatizso.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Rellekka is by using the lodestone network. Head a little north-west across the fence to enter the village. Alternatively, you may also use the Fairy Ring codes AJR, CJR, and DJR, or get there via the Ring of slaying teleport option to the entrance of the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, or via the Enchanted lyre teleport.

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  2. Once there, enter the throne room to the north and talk to King Gjuki Sorvott IV. Because his cat keeps interrupting, the king will ask you for a Raw tuna. Give it to the king and he will tell you that more trade ships have been docking at Neitiznot and that its citizens must be planning something.

    Note: If you forgot to bring a Raw tuna, then fish for one using a Harpoon at the fishing spots to the south. If you brought a Catspeak amulet, then you may hear what HRH Hrafn, the cat, has to say.

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  3. Thorkel Silkbeard will then announce that the Kelda merchants of the Red Axe have arrived and are awaiting their ores. Because the city's miners do not have enough time, the king will ask you for 6 Mithril ores (if you have 55 Mining) or 7 Coal (if you have 11-54 Mining) or 8 Tin ores (if you have 1-10 Mining). Hand the ores over to King Gjuki Sorvott IV and he will reward you with 5K Coins (or 2K if you had to collect Coal or Tin ores).

    Note: If you do not have the ores in your possession, then climb down the staircase to the northwest into the Jatizso Mine and mine the required ores.

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  4. King Gjuki Sorvott IV will continue his conversation and say that he suspects Mawnis Burowgar of planning something to overthrow him. He will then asks you to infiltrate Neitiznot as a bard to uncover his evil plans and to report to his spymaster Slug Hemligssen, who will only respond when given the password "free stuff please". The king will furthermore tell you to pick up the jester's costume from the chest behind the throne and suggest that you take a ferry in Rellekka to reach the neighboring island.

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  5. Talk to Mord Gunnars at the docks to return to Rellekka and then talk to his wife Maria Gunnars upon arrival to travel to Neitiznot.

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  6. When you have reached the island of Neitiznot, head up the path into the city and ask Slug Hemligssen, wandering around north of the bank. Ask him for "free stuff please" and he will tell you to infiltrate the Burgher's hall as an entertainer. He will then ask you to return to him with the information you have acquired.

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  7. Make sure your hands are empty and equip the Silly jester hat, Silly jester top, Silly jester tights and Silly jester boots. Talk to Mawnis Burowgar, at the city's hall south of the bank, and perform the tricks he asks for using the control panel. While you are at it, pay attention to what the guards are saying.

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  8. Report back to Slug Hemligssen and he will ask you a few questions. When you have correctly answered all of them, he will reward you with 2.5 K Coins for your efforts. Slug will then ask you to gain Mawnis' trust and to return when the bridges have been repaired.
    • How soon does Thakkrad think Neitiznot's troops can be ready? - They will be ready in 2 days.
    • How many militia have been trained? - 17 militia have been trained.
    • How many bridges does Thakkrad need repairing? - There are 2 bridges to repair.

  9. Take off your jester costume and talk to Mawnis Burowgar again, who will tell you that there are many tasks to be done. Firstly, he will ask you to bring him 8 Ropes. Show him the ropes and he will reward you with 1K Coins. He will then ask you to chop down and split 8 Arctic pine logs. Head across the western or eastern bridge to the first island north of city and chop down 10 Arctic pine trees, 2 of which you will need later on in the quest. Use 8 Arctic pine logs on the nearby woodcutting stumps to create Split logs.

    Note: If you do not have the Ropes in your possession, then kill a Yak (level 42) in the pen to the southwest and use its Hair on the spinning wheel in the southeastern corner of the city.

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  10. Return to Mawnis Burowgar and he will reward you with 1.5K Coins. He will then ask you to repair the 2 bridges to the north. Take the 8 Ropes, 8 Split logs, and a Knife to the broken bridges on the first island to the north. Right click them and select the repair option to fix them. Head back Mawnis and he will reward you with 1.5K Coins. He will now reveal his plan of assaulting the troll caves and ask you if King Gjuki Sorvott IV of Jatizso has heard of his plans.

    Note: Beware of Ice trolls (level 53 and 68) while you are repairing the bridge. They're aggressive to low-mid level players.

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  11. Set sail for Jatizso and speak with the king. He will not believe you and wants you to collect a tax of 1K Coins for each window in the city to fund a counterattack. Take his Empty tax bag to all of shopkeepers to collect their money. Keepa Kettilon must pay 5K, Vanligga Gastfrihet 5K, Skuli Myrka 6K, and Raum Urda-Stein must pay 8k. Once you have collected the tax, the king will ask you to collect yet another tax of 1K Coins from people with facial hair, namely Keepa Kettilon, Hring Hring, Flosi Dalksson, Skuli Myrka, and Raum Urda-Stein. Once all the taxes have been collected, the king will ask you to go back to Neitiznot to find out who has been helping with repairing the bridges.

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  12. Travel to Neitiznot and speak with Slug Hemligssen again, who will ask you to spy on Mawnis Burowgar again. Put on the jester costume, free both hands, and then talk to Mawnis. This time pay attention to what the council members are saying. Return to Slug Hemligssen and he will, when you have correctly answered all of questions, with 2.5 K Coins.
    • Where are Neitiznot's militia? - They are in a secluded bay, near Etceteria.
    • What will Thakkrad deliver to Neitiznot's militia? - They will be given some potions.
    • Who has been helping Burgher Mawnis Burowgar? - I have been helping Neitiznot.

  13. Report back to King Gjuki Sorvott IV and he will start to interrogate you. He will then assume that Neitiznot is trying to steal all the glory of killing the trolls. The king then asks you to take a Royal decree to Mawnis Burowgar telling him that Jatizso is going to attack the trolls and that any interference will be considered an act of war.
  14. Deliver the decree to Mawnis and he will tell you to create the traditional Fremennik armor to fight the trolls. Head into the pen to the southwest and kill 3 Yaks (level 42) for their Yak-hides. Take these hides to Thakkrad Sigmundson at the hall to get them cured. Use a Needle and the Thread on the Cured yak-hides to craft Yak-hide armour (top) and a Yak-hide armour (bottom). Speak to Mawnis again to learn how to make a Fremennik round shield. Use the remaining two Arctic pine logs on a woodcutting stump on the island to the north to craft the shield using a Bronze nail, a Rope, and a Hammer.

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  15. Return to Mawnis, and you will be appointed champion of Neitiznot. You will then be asked to take care of the Ice Troll King (level 91). Once you have prepared yourself for the battle, head as far north as possible while dodging the attacks of Ice trolls (level 53 and 68). Then, head east until you reach a cave entrance.

    Note: Low-mid level players are advised to turn on Protect from Ranged and equip the Yak-hide armour (top), Yak-hide armour (bottom), and Fremennik round shield as they highly reduce the damage dealt by the trolls.

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  16. Enter the cave and a cut scene will occur of the Honour Guards arriving in the cave. After the cut scene has ended, you must kill 10 Ice trolls before you will be allowed to face the Ice Troll King (level 91).

    Note: It is advised that you turn on Protect from Ranged. You can request a supply of a 2 Prayer potions (4), 2 Strength potion (4), and 9 Tuna from Bork Sigmundson near the entrance of the cave.

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  17. Once you have killed 10 Ice trolls, head south and cross the bridge. Now, you must defeat the Ice Troll King (level 91) but cannot use Ranged to fight him, as he will not be affected by it. He mainly throws rocks at you (Ranged), but can also use Ice barrage (Magic) and melee on you. The fact that he cannot move, can be used to your advantage.

    Note: It is advised that you turn on Protect from Ranged. Do not turn on Protect from Melee or he will slam you into the walls dealing up to 250 damage.

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  18. When you have defeated the Ice Troll King (level 91), decapitate his head and cross the bridge to the east.Follow the path north and climb up the stone ladder. Hand the Decapitated head over to Mawnis Burowgar to claim your reward.

    Note: If you are low on health, it is advised that you teleport out of the cave instead of crossing the bridge to the east because you will have to dodge more Ice trolls. From now on, Ned in Draynor Village will confess that he actually does not make Ropes and truthly purchases them from a woman on Neitiznot. He will give you an extra Rope for free to keep you quiet.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

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